New Features

New Features

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Expanded Device Compatibility: We have broadened our device compatibility range to include more Android devices, ensuring that students using various smartphones or tablets can access the LockDown Browser without any issues.

AI Facial Recognition: We've implemented an advanced artificial intelligence (AI) facial recognition system to enhance security during exams. This feature ensures that only the registered student can access their exam by verifying their identity via facial recognition.

Live Chat Support Integration: In response to requests for improved support during exams, we have integrated live chat support directly into the LockDown Browser interface. Students can now reach out for help with technical issues without leaving the app or breaking exam rules.

Customizable Exam Timer Display: Instructors can now customize how exam timers are displayed within the browser – either as a countdown timer or as time elapsed since the start of the exam – giving them more control over how time-sensitive information is presented during tests.

Auto-save Functionality: Students will no longer need to worry about losing their progress in case of any disruptions or technical issues during an exam. The LockDown Browser now auto-saves answers every 60 seconds, enabling students to pick up right where they left off in case of any disconnections or crashes.